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Q. If I’ve had an accident, what should I do now?
A. You will need to contact your insurance company to report the accident.
They will issue you a claim number, then call us to schedule an estimate appointment or stop by our office and we will process your claim.

Q. I have private insurance and ICBC insurance. Who do I report my accident to?
A. If you have private insurance as well as ICBC coverage, we recommend that you contact your private insurance provider and ICBC.

Q. What if I am injured?
A. When reporting your accident you will want to relay any information regarding injury to ICBC. Any accident involving personal injury may require ICBC to view your vehicle.

Q. What is involved in Hit and Run Claims?
A. "Hit and Run" means the person left the scene of the accident without leaving you their contact or insurance information. In these cases ICBC may require an appointment to view your vehicle’s damage.

Q. Will I have an appointment with ICBC for them to see the damage to the vehicle?
A. ICBC will determine the need to see your vehicle when you report the accident. Generally they will just give you a direct express claim number and we will do the estimate for you.

Q. Do I need an appointment for an estimate?
A. We recommend booking an appointment for your convenience, but they are not necessary. All estimates are FREE of charge and take approximately 15 minutes.

Q. The person that hit my car wants to just pay for the damage without involving the insurance companies.
A. As much as possible we recommend going through your insurance policy, there are protections for both yourself and the other party within your policies. If you do report the accident to your insurance company, the insurance company will offer the liable party the opportunity to pay for damages without processing a claim against their insurance.

If you still wish to handle it privately we will be happy to help, be sure the person understands the estimate we provide is just an estimate. Prices are subject to change once the repairs are completed. For example hidden damage, parts pricing, etc.

Q. Will I have a courtesy car?
A. We do not offer rentals if you do not have loss of use coverage at this point.